How to engineer energy-aware software?

During the IEEE/IFIP Working Conference on Software Architecture ( to be held in Sydney, Australia, in April 2014, the Software and Services research group at the VU University Amsterdam ( will present the first results on how software can be designed to be energy-aware. This work, in collaboration with the CMU Software Engineering Institute ( and partially funded by the Cluster Green Software, identifies the first catalog of software architectural tactics that support energy-efficiency scenarios including energy monitoring, self-adaptation and cloud federation. By reusing these tactics, cloud-based software should bring energy-optimizations already in the way it is designed and developed. While the tactics are elicited and synthesized from previously validated researches, the real extents of the optimisations are not yet quantified in a reliable way. Our future work will focus on gathering such measures.

Patricia Lago (Head of the S2 Research Group) will also organize at WICSA 2014 a Birds-of-a-Feather Session ( with industry and academia on ‘Energy-aware software architectures: what the challenges for research?’.