Over the years we had the priviledge of working with many talented young professionals. They constitute examples of what follows the study of software engineering. Take a look!



Name: Florian Uunk

Thesis Title: “Costs vs. benefits assessments of industrial software refactoring”

What Happened to him: Software Engineer at GoogleUK




Name: Dmitry Litosh

Thesis Title: “Baggage Handling Service- Based Solutions for Airports and Airlines”

What Happened to him: Software Consultant at SIG




Name: Simone Potenza

Thesis Title: “Design of a green scan: Analyzing energy efficiency of data storage systems”

What Happened to him: Lead Developer at Konnektid




Name: Paolo Bozzelli

Thesis Title: “Sustainable Best Practices in IT Companies”

What Happened to him: Junior Web Developer at Cameramanager




Name: Francesco Castri

Thesis Title: “Improving design reasoning in IT projects”

What Happened to him: Master student at the University of L’Aquila




Name: Andrea Florio

Thesis Title: “A Systematic Literature Review of Fault tolerant Software Architecting”

What Happened to him: External Hybris Technical Consultant at Mirabeau




Name: Viktor Clerc

Thesis Title: “Architectural Knowledge Management in Global Software Development.”

What Happened to him: Senior Consultant Quality Consulting at SQS Nederland




Name: Juliette van der Vliet

Thesis Title: “How Much do Green ICT Practices Cost.”




Name:Andrea Loddo

Thesis Title: “Accessing software features via mobile devices.”




Name:Nikos Michalatos

Thesis Title: “Assessing environmentally sustainable ICT: state of the art.”




Name:Vijay Jawalapersad

Thesis Title: “Agile & Offshoring; Long Distance Sprinting.”




Name:Fahd El Hassan

Thesis Title: “Evaluation of an ICT-based decision: desktop virtualization.”




Name:Klearhos Douvantzis

Thesis Title: “A Web-based calculator for business value of green ICT practices.”




Name:Ashton Setoe

Thesis Title: “Identifying green elements in the supply chain.”




Name:Boris Rottmann

Thesis Title: “Extending a software modeling tool for service identification.”




Name:Gianantonio Me

Thesis Title: “Case studies in Service Oriented Analysis and Design.”




Name:Vlant Iordanou

Thesis Title: “Creating a Sensor Services Platform.”




Name:Ronald Wolvers

Thesis Title: “Integrating Requirements Authoring and Design Tools for Heterogeneous Multi-Core Embedded Systems.”




Name:Niels Buit

Thesis Title: “Identifying business value in SOA services.”




Name:Anwar Aldris

Thesis Title: “Characterizing SOA-based systems in industry.”




Name:Florian Uunk

Thesis Title: “Costs benefits assessments of industrial software refactoring.”




Name:Karolina Kiryjczuk

Thesis Title: “Software Architecture Evolution Traceability Using Semantic Wiki.”




Name:Vitor Carvalho

Thesis Title: “Modeling Emergency Management Service Networks.”




Name:Parisa Zahedi

Thesis Title: “SOA Migration Solution for Dutch Nationwide Health Record System.”




Name:Mansooreh Zahedi

Thesis Title: “Evaluating Architectures for Agile Service Networks.”




Name:Dmitry Litosh

Thesis Title: “IBM Baggage Handling Service-Based Solutions for Airports and Airlines.”




Name:Denis Dincic

Thesis Title: “SaaS usability optimization by user behavior analysis.”




Name:Klaas Andries de Graaf

Thesis Title: “Reliability Allocation to Software Architecture Design Alternatives.”




Name:Ana Almeida

Thesis Title: “Defining a QoS viewpoint in an SOA environment.”




Name:Pierluigi Mara

Thesis Title: “Seamless Integration of Mobile Devices in Hyves – An Architecture Design Decision Driven Approach.”




Name:Sven Gude

Thesis Title: “Energy efficient software.”




Name:Laszlo Dosa

Thesis Title: “Integration concerns of eco-systems.”




Name:Damian A. Tamburri

Thesis Title: “An Architecture Description Viewpoint Wiki based on the Semantic Web Paradigm.”




Name:Edwin de Vries

Thesis Title: “Automated Dynamic Testing of SOA Composites.”




Name:Jack Schilder

Thesis Title: “Improving Capacity Management.”




Name:Bart Schotten

Thesis Title: “How a Wiki can Support Architectural Knowledge Management in Practice.”




Name:Rakesh Sewgolam

Thesis Title: “Eliciting Design Decisions in a Service-Oriented Architecture.”




Name:Andrej Koprivnansky

Thesis Title: “Collaboration management in industrial setting.”




Name:M.P.F. Reker

Thesis Title: “Applying software process improvement in industrial context.”




Name:Gerrit-Jan Lubbertsen

Thesis Title: “Visualizing the difference between business process models.”




Name:Arjan Hiemstra

Thesis Title: “Changeability of SOA enterprise applications through SOA design patterns.”




Name:Peter van der Meer

Thesis Title: “Exploring service-oriented development methodologies in theory and practice.”

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