About us

The group carries out research on software and services in general, and specifically on their socio-technical and environmental sustainability aspects. Software and services play an important role in modern societies. Europe focuses on sustainability and innovation more than ever.  Our focus is on devising systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable methods and approaches for designing, developing and maintaining business and software services.

More specifically, we center around defining service value networks, supporting service engineers and architects in managing the service development process and service-oriented architectural knowledge, migrating legacy assets to modern services, understanding social structures in service-oriented software and exploit them in supporting modern software development, addressing environmental sustainability issues in ICT, and last but not least guiding the reasoning of stakeholders for all above matters.

Our philosophy is that research should be industrial-relevant and serve the final purpose of being applied in practice. To this end, we specifically focus on the “real’’ needs of industrial practice by establishing collaboration with our industrial partners. In long term, the results of our research contribute to the European agenda by providing sustainable and innovative approaches to support service societies.

Here you can find an overview of our research activities Our research activities