Research Projects

  • MRA Greening the Cloud – The project is supported by RAAK-MKB innovation fund from SIA , the Dutch National Taskforce for Applied Research and is scheduled to run from September 2014 – August 2016. The project will undertake specific research into the impact of Cloud Applications and Virtualisation Software on the energy consumption of hardware.
  • Green Lab  our research initiative on investigating software energy efficiency.
  • Large-scale Data Gathering on Software Energy Efficiency – The project is supported by the Amsterdam Data Science as part of the SEED program. It aims at setting up a shared infrastructure between the VU and the HvA to conduct experimentation in software energy efficiency.
  • MRA Cluster Green Software – MRA Cluster Green Software is a R&D project on green software. Within this project research and validation will take place, in collaboration with the knowledge institutes and industry partners within the project team. The aim is to group knowledge and research results on the green software subject and force a breakthrough on innovation and sustainability. Within this project we will develop a new research infrastructure, tools and models and validate them in practice. This might results in new R&D projects, involvement of small and medium sized enterprises and possible spin-offs. Finally this project should contribute to the development of this specific green IT industry in the Amsterdam region.
  • Big Data for Green Software – The project is supported by the Amsterdam Data Science as part of the SEED program. The project aims at identifying the analysis methods and techniques best fitting for progressing knowledge in energy efficient software engineering, and result in a toolkit that supports students and researchers in carrying out case studies.
  • Gender Diversity in ICT– This project, funded by the program “Digivaardig & Digiveilig”,  covers a survey research in ICT organizations. The project addresses the problem of how women can contribute to the way diversity creates innovation in ICT. You can find the results of the survey here.
  • SAPIENSA – Service-enAbling Pre-exIsting ENterpriSe Assets (Jacquard)
  • NESSI – Networked European Software and Services Initiative
  • S-Cube – Software Services and Systems Network of Excellence (FP7)
  • Stephenson – Architecture knowledge sharing practices in software product lines for print systems
  • Griffin – GRId For inFormatIoN about architectural knowledge (Jacquard)
  • CALCE – Computer-aided life-cycle enabling
  • SQUA3RE — Software Quality Attribute Analysis by Architecture Reconstruction

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