List of teaching courses given by members of our group:

  1. Business Modeling and Requirements Engineering.
  2. Software Modeling (Bachelor Computer Science).
  3. Systems Programming (Bachelor Computer Science).
  4. Software Project Management (Bachelor Information, Multimedia and Management).
  5. Service Oriented Design (Master Computer Science, Master Information Sciences/Studies).
  6. Developing Services for the Cloud (Master Computer Science), in collaboration with IBM.
  7. Service Science (Bachelor Information, Multimedia and Management) [LINK].
  8. Green Lab (Master Computer Science).
  9. Software Metrics (Master Computer Science)

Literature Study and Seminar:

The Computer Science master of the VU has a compulsory course on Literature Study and Seminar. Here below you can find a list of topics we propose for the course in our group:

Available assignments:
Title Abstract Supervisor Status
The smallest particle Software development is a human job. Development methods should focus on the use of personal knowledge and expertise, and optimize the collaboration between people. The systematic literature research will focus on two major elements: 1) The language and method that is needed to create domain languages that can be integrated with any other domain language. This might be called a meta-modelling language. 2) The framework of languages, methods, and tools needed to make consistent integrations and translations between specifications in different (domain) languages. More information can be found here. Robert Deckers Available
Energy optimization approaches for software services Improving on energy efficiency of software services is not a trivial task for different layers of abstractions in design and development. This project focuses on analyzing the state of the art energy-efficiency techniques for software services. Fahimeh Alizadeh Available
Energy-efficient Networking Solutions in Cloud-based Environments: a systematic literature review Investigate the state of the art in energy-efficient networking solutions. We are interested to see to what extent existing solutions help reducing energy consumption in cloud-based environments. We focus on both the networking and the software components. We will analyze the selected studies to find emerging opportunities for research. Fahimeh Alizadeh Available
Running assignments:
Title Abstract Supervisor Status
Energy consumption of VM’s Literature review on the opportunities, methods and accuracy of tools to establish energy consumption per VM’s. Includes collecting suggestions for reducing energy consumption, limitations for energy evaluations. Paola Grosso Assigned to Martin Warnaar
Software architecture evaluation methods for sustainability assessment Patricia Lago  Assigned to Gerard Hoesel
Software architecture evaluation methods for sustainability assessment Patricia Lago  Assigned to Harry Obaseki
Completed assignments:
Title Abstract Supervisor Status
Energy consumption of competing Database systems Hosting providers and software companies can use a number of database systems in applications. Currently energy consumption per database mgt system is not taken into account, mostly given limited knowledge on energy performance between database mgt systems. This literature aims at collecting the state of the art regarding energy consumption of different db mgt systems, factors influencing the energy consumption of these systems and available suggestions for power savings. More specifically differences between MariaDB, PostSQL, Oracle, MySQL. Giuseppe Procaccianti Completed by Nathan Kooij
Collaborative and Proactive Software Defect Management Nelly Condori-Fernandez Completed by Tak Wah Wong
Computer Security:Past, present & future Patricia Lago  Completed by Quincey ten Kroode
Energy efficiency of virtualizers (in collaboration with UvA) Paola Grosso Completed by Renè Aparicio Saez
Accents in research literature with respect to green clouds (in collaboration with UvA) Paola Grosso Completed by Yu Ri Tan
Green software metrics Giuseppe Procaccianti  Completed by Frank Mennink
Cloud software migration Patricia Lago  Completed by Anastasija Efremovska
Data retrieval for software energy efficiency Giuseppe Procaccianti  Completed by Remco Havermans
Energy aspects of Hypervisors (in collaboration with UvA) In the project ‘Greening the Cloud’, led by the HvA, we are interested in the performance of different Hypervisors with respect to greenness. Hypervisors segment the physical machines into multiple virtual machines and we are interested in the energy aspects of their performances. From the documentation of opensource hypervisors, e.g. KVM and XEN, and published studies about hypervisors we will compile a checklist with performance issues including green aspects. This checklist will be part of a larger framework to be developed by the collaboration aimed to green labeling of clouds. The comparison should be a fair comparison, i.e. the comparison should also take network functionality and storage functionality into account. About non-green performance aspects of hypervisors already studies are available.  Paola Grosso Completed by Casper van der Poll

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